Focus on your creativity, leave the rest to UP!

  • Plug-in completely integrated to SketchUp, so you can get started immediately.
  • For the first time in your SketchUp environment, all 3D models are linked to their product descriptions..
  • Improve the reality of your clients’ projects with referenced, branded products in your 3D plan
  • Verified data (price, size, origin, materials…) accessible directly on your work plan, saving you a significant amount of time.
  • A project sheet is automatically generated, listing all your downloaded OXP products with unit and total prices.
  • Revolutionary search functions thanks to our SheepBox©
  • Direct engagement with the designer brands downloaded in your project, allowing you to ask for quotation, via DealNow ©


Save time with SheepBox©
A patented search system based on volume, which grants you access to furniture and objects as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Boost your sales commissions with DealNow © in just 1 click
Once your project has been approved by your client, send your requests to all the brands associated with your project, all in just one click.
Interior designer – Paris
“I cannot wait to use this extension. It’s all we’ve been waiting for, and more! It is fully integrated to SketchUp, making it quick and easy to use. The different features will save me an enormous amount of time in project management, while strengthening my relationships with my clients and brands. I highly recommend it to all interior designers and decorators.”
Designer – Grenoble
“The demo is awesome. I am already a frequent user of your 3D Warehouse catalog. To find all these brands and their product descriptions in your extension… what a game-changer.”